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The Research Committee hosts several activities during the academic year to provide support and resources for women scientists.  They coordinate efforts to attract and help develop more women in science at UAMS by locating speakers, hosting brown bag lunches and follow-up meetings with women faculty to promote collaboration and informal guidance with research needs, mentoring and career direction. They mentor post-docs and are the founding organizers of the UAMS Career Day. This year they will focus on brown bag discussions on the state of the art research laboratory techniques.  The UAMS campus holds expertise in a variety of research of research methods, techniques, and core facilities.  A survey will be created to identify other topics or techniques of interest.  The committee is looking for new core membership.  Contact. Dr. Boerma for more information

Marjan Boerma, College of Pharmacy, UAMS, Chair
Nukhet Aykin-Burns, Ph.D.., College of Pharmacy, Co-Chair
Lee Ann MacMillian Crow, Ph.D., Past Chair

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4301 W. Markham #Slot, Little Rock, AR 72205, Phone Number

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