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The Women's Faculty Development Caucus was established in 1989 to address the disparity between the growing numbers of women in medicine and the lack of women in leadership positions within academic medicine. The mission is to inspire, encourage, and enable  women physicians and scientists to realize their professional and personal goals.

Our professional development efforts have resulted in an expanding organization that is addressing the needs of all College of Medicine faculty members. We provide leadership training,  mentoring/advising, and networking opportunities. All women faculty are members who receive regular notices of meetings, mentoring/advising, networking opportunities, and publications.  The active committees are 1) WIT or Women in Training 2) Research 3) Publications 4) Professional Development and 5) Mentoring.

The Women's Caucus was founded in 1989 as a professional development and mentoring program to help women advance to leadership positions. The cofounders were by Debra H. Fiser, M.D., a longtime pediatrics faculty member and chairman of the Department of Pediatrics who was named COM dean in 2005 and Teresita Angtuaco, M.D., a professor of Radiology.  Both are previous winners of the Outstanding Woman Faculty Award.

The Caucus officers are elected every two years from the Executive Committee membership. They lead and guide the collective work of the Caucus Committees. All women faculty are members of the Caucus and are invited to contact the officers if they are interested in active committee service.  This service has lead to many leadership and mentoring opportunities in the 22 years of Caucus existence. 



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