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UAMS Briefs Emergency Personnel on Bioterrorism Responses

NOV. 20, 2001 | Emergency and environmental health personnel received a briefing yesterday at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) on immediate responses to bioterrorism.

Approximately 125 police officers, firefighters, environmental hazard specialists, transportation industry personnel, and others attended the seminar, according to Dean Pro Tem Thomas A. Bruce, M.D., of the UAMS College of Public Health. All of the Class 1 railroads in the country, including Union Pacific, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Kansas City Southern, planned to send representatives.

Speakers from the U.S. Attorney's Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Arkansas Department of Health, the College of Public Health, the U.S. Army, and vendors supplying real-time field test capabilities and personal protective equipment were on the program.

Little Rock firefighters were in the audience Nov. 19 at the College of Public Health seminar on bioterrorism.  (Amy Theriac, UAMS Media Services)
Little Rock firefighters were in the audience Nov. 19 at the College of Public Health seminar on bioterrorism.  (Amy Theriac, UAMS Media Services)

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The College of Public Health sponsored the seminar and toxicologist Jay Gandy, Ph.D., chair pro tem of the college’s Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, led the seminar. The Arkansas Department of Health and the Center for Toxicological and Environmental Health (CTEH) were cosponsors of the seminar. Hulcher Professional Services, Inc. and Specialized Response Systems, Inc. were corporate sponsors of the conference.

Because of recent biological attacks, public agencies and private industries have been overwhelmed by questions about how to deal with possible threats.

“The railroad industry must protect thousands of employees, tens of thousands of miles of track, and hundreds of facilities located in communities all across the country. Police officers and firefighters may be called to any suspicious site,” Dr. Gandy said. The College of Public Health planned the seminar to help meet the need for accurate information.

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