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Women's Health - January 2010

New Year, New You?

525,600 minutes. How do you plan to spend 2010? By mid-January, the clock is ticking on your resolutions. Many people began the new year and the new decade with resolutions and high hopes. By mid-January, reality has set in, and the true work begins. And if you haven’t even had time to dream about goals for this year, now you can settle back to think about where you’ve been and where you want to go. Sit to dream with a pen in hand, and put yourself on your to-do list this year.

For many people, improving their health is a top priority. For you, that may mean that you’ll eat better, exercise more or finally quit smoking. Or you may have goals to improve your finances, travel more frequently or spend more time with family and friends.

Resolutions can be good goals, but you need to have a practical plan to keep your resolutions. Here are some tips for you:

  • Grocery shop for weight loss. When you’re dieting, you need to learn to manage your options at the grocery store. While some people may not hesitate to pay $4 for a cup of coffee, they won’t spend $4 for berries. Take a hard look at your budget so that you can prioritize your spending for better health.

  • Get support to beat bad habits. Share your goals only with people who will truly support your objectives. You need assistance from people who will coach you and hold you accountable. This may mean that you need to look outside your closest circle of friends. Consider joining an online support group to learn new tools and report your progress to a new online contact. If you want to exercise while your best friend does not, you can still spent time with her, but she may not be the best advocate in your efforts to be more active.

  • Lower your financial stress. Money worries are among the most common sources of personal and family stress. Living with this pressure can take an emotional and physical toll, contributing to sleepless nights or aches and pains. Read more to learn how to take action to reduce your financial stress.

  • Complex weight-loss plans may erode your dissolve. While there are many types of diets, the end result is to cut calories. If you’re trying to lose weight, choose a simple method that fits your lifestyle. In the long run, depriving yourself of your favorite foods will not work. Read about balanced ways to attain a healthful weight.

  • Cut calories and fat when eating out. You know the portions will be huge, so plan to split a meal with a dining companion. Review the menu online before you leave for the restaurant to check out some healthy options. If you choose your meal in advance, you can focus on the social aspect of the gathering and are much more likely to make better food choices. Read about the 20 worst restaurant foods in America.

  • Add exercise to your day. Try to exercise 30 minutes every day. Walking does work. And it’s efficient and easy. Don’t feel like you need to exercise all at once. A few minutes here and there can add up to what you need. "People don't realize you can get tremendous benefit from regular physical activity even if you never lose a pound," says Amy Phillips, M.D., one of our OB/GYN doctors at UAMS.

  • Learn to deal with difficult people. We all encounter them at work, on the street, in stores and in our homes. If you can’t avoid them, learning to deal with difficult people will make it less likely that you’ll become one yourself.

  • Move beyond all-or-nothing thinking. A slip in progress toward your goals doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Use the stumbling block as a time to stop and reevaluate where you’ve been and where you want to go. Remembering your successes, and understand that you have made positive changes before. Take one step at a time to get back on track.

At UAMS, we wish you and yours all the best in 2010.

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