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Supply Chain Logistics (Hospital/Clinics)

The Logistics division of Supply Chain Management plays a crucial role in the delivery and inventory management of medical products as well as oversight management of various third-party services to clinical care areas. Major areas of control and responsibility include: Central Supply, OR Supply, Materials Management, Moveable Medical Equipment, Linen and the Mailroom. All departments play a crucial role in the delivery and inventory management of medical products and services for UAMS.

Central Supply employs twenty-nine (29) employees and responsibilities include servicing 19 OR suites in the main OR and 9 OR suites in ODS, Nursing units for 400+ beds, Cath Lab, GI Lab, Interventional Radiology, and 17 Clinics on and off campus. Central Supply maintains and staffs two separate store rooms HP01 and HPCS 24/7. Their major responsibilities include inventory management of medical supplies to include cycle counting, recalls, monitoring for expiring products, and reconciling patient charges within the two storerooms. Inventory par levels and ordering are managed thru the SAP inventory system. In addition Central supply staff duties include stocking and inventory management of 105 Pyxis units located on nursing units, pre-op and PACU areas, Cath Lab, GI Lab, Interventional Radiology, and clinics. They are responsible for ordering (putting in reservations to the distribution center), stocking, and the maintaining and building of bulk supply rooms. Currently there are 23 bulk rooms stocked with over 100 items each throughout the hospital and clinics. Scanners are utilized to help expedite the ordering process. In addition to the already mentioned, they do receiving for HP01 and HPCS and maintain the Walker Annex dock. Central Supply department can be reached 24/7 by contacting 686-6410.

OR Supply employs 4 employees who are responsible for the management of nonstock inventory in the Operating room, One Day surgery and Anesthesia departments as well as some stock inventory. They place orders, stock, receive, cycle count and deliver these supplies to storerooms, pyxis cabinets and supply carts in these areas.

Materials Management is the administrative office located in Central Building Room G151, on the ground floor across from the Credit Union. Value Analysis staff is located here. The Vendor Management system is managed out this office also. The coordinator for this system can be reached at 686-8949.

Supply Chain Logistics also has oversight of the Linen department which is currently operated by Medline and the Moveable Medical Equipment which is currently managed by Hill-Rom. The Linen department is staffed from 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. can be reached by calling 686-8814 for linen needs and isolation carts. Central Supply covers isolations cards from 11:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. Hill-Rom is staffed 24/7 and can be reached 257-7277 for moveable medical equipment. Crash carts and airway boxes can be ordered through the crash cart icon on the Clinical desktop screens.

Supply Chain recently took over the oversight and management of the Mailroom and mail distribution on the UAMS Campus.

Supply Chain Logistics takes great pride in what we do. It is our pleasure to serve the needs of the patients, families, volunteers and staff of UAMS.

Jami Ellis
Supply Chain Logistics