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Property Services

Property Services is organized into three main areas that are associated with property responsibility for the UAMS campus - Property Inventory, Surplus Property and Moving of offices, equipment and furniture.  The department assists the Financial Services area in any and all fiscal audits concerning property records for individual departments or the campus as a whole. These audits are conducted by Federal, state and internal auditors.

To carry out its duties involving Property Inventories the Property Services department performs the following:

  1. Conducts annual physical inventories using barcode scanners with assistance from departmental personnel.
  2. Tags and enters into the computer system new equipment as it arrives on campus.
  3. Records the appropriate deletion information into the computer system.
  4. Processes and retains all property transfers from one department to another.
  5. Processes all property transfers initiated by faculty arrivals and departures.
  6. Reconciles additions and deletions with the UAMS General Ledger monthly.

Property Services does the following to perform its Surplus Property function:

  1. Processes all forms to dispose of surplus property by approved and mandated means.
  2. Moves and ships surplus property that cannot be utilized by another UAMS department to the state agency, Marketing and Redistribution.
  3. Conducts special sales of surplus property in special circumstances when judged to be in the best interest of the state of Arkansas.
  4. Sells surplus patient medical equipment to hospitals in the Rural Health care program, as mandated by the state of Arkansas. Surplus medical equipment is listed on this website under Surplus Sale.

Property Services also assists campus departments in moving their offices, furniture and/or equipment across campus. Property Services processes and schedules all internal requests for moving assistance for the UAMS campus. The department employs an manager-supervised institutional moving crew to carry out this task.

Photo of John Warren - Click to send E-mail
John Warren
Manager, Property Services