Ordering a Computer in SAP



In an effort to streamline computer configuration/set up by the UAMS IT Department, UAMS has implemented standardized procedures for processing SAP requests for new computers. A system is in place that alerts IT that a desktop or laptop computer has been ordered. The system automatically creates a UAMS Technical Support record for each new computer. The report allows IT to communicate with the end user or their representative via email for each system so as to expedite the customization and installation on the UAMS Main Campus and select off campus locations.


To ensure the system operates smoothly, there are certain requirements for entering the purchase requisition. Consistently formatting your SAP “short text” will ensure this process operates smoothly.


1.  Please enter the line item short text in the following format:

“PC OPTI990 100135445865 John Doe” (the end user name)

     “LAP E6520 100135445865 Jane Doe”


** Use “PC” for desktop computers and “LAP” for laptop computers

** Include the model number of the computer, the quote number and the end user full name or an abbreviation if need be.


2.  Enter only one configuration of the same model computer per purchase requisition.


Example: It is fine to order multiple PC’s with the same hardware configuration and multiple laptops from the same quote, so long as there is just 1 model with 1 configuration for each model computer. Please do not enter a request for a PC Optiplex 990 with a 17" monitor and a PC Optiplex 990 with a 19" monitor, i.e. 2 different configurations of the same model on the same SAP Request. A separate Dell quote and SAP requisition should be created for each unique configuration of the same model of computer.


* Order one type of computer per purchase requisition for speedier setup and delivery, vendor error reduction, and easier tracking of hardware assets.


3.  Please enter the name of the end user in the “Unloading Point” field and the anticipated location of the computer in the “Recipient field” on your SAP Requisition. If there is not an end user but rather the system(s) will be for general use, please enter a contact person and phone number in the Unloading Point. Please enter any information in the “Item Text” field under the first order line that would assist the buyer & IT Department in processing the order.


4.  For Dell quotes that have multiple lines, please make a line on your SAP request for each line on the quote for which there is a separate price associated with it. Please enter associated descriptions in the line short text for each item.


5.  Your Dell quote must be created on the UAMS Intranet link through Information Technology at http://intranet.uams.edu/it/Inventory/Purchasing.asp.
Or, Contact the UAMS IT Help Desk for assistance via email.


6.  For quotes on specially configured hardware or to get better pricing on larger quantities, please request a quote through UAMS IT at http://itss.uams.edu or 501-686-8555.


7.  SAP DELL Requisitions should be sent to buyer group TW.


8.  The Dell Vendor number is 15113

For typical computers, which are not over $5,000.00 per unit, use Material Group I12 and G/L Number 532700 (low value asset).


Entering the above information will allow the UAMS Technical Support Center to create a call in the name of the end user and direct all correspondence associated with the PC or Laptop to that individual instead of the requester.


SAP Parameters for Computer Purchasing


SAP Vendor Numbers:

Dell Marketing                    15113

Complete Computing           10056

Apple Computer                 16722 (Higher Ed.)


For Low Value Assets (below $5,000.00 per unit)


Use “K” Cost Assignment.

Use GL Account = 532700 (for low value assets)

(Computers & Laser Printers)

(Use G/L 532100 for other IT equipment & supplies)

Use Material Group = I12 for computers.

Use Mat Grp I16 for Printer

Use I18 for Scanners

Use I10 for other hardware (Monitors, projectors, etc.)

Use I11 for IT Supply items such as cables & hard drives

Use S64 for IT supply items disposable (toner)


FOR ASSETS: a single Computer at or over $5000.00


NOTE: Taxes are included in the figuring an asset, so non-patient care computer orders should use $4,900.00 as their capital asset benchmark.


Use Cost Assignment Code “A” for Assets: Computers (or any equipment) >$5,000.00.

Asset # is 99000XXX. (XXX = your fund number). Example: 99000113

No G/L need be entered, SAP will populate field.

Material Group E10 for Capital Equipment Assets.

One (1) computer (or other asset) per SAP REQ LINE, and only one type of computer per requisition.

Your Fund Number (such as 113) should be entered as usual. Property Services will change the Fund Number for assets, but the PO still refers back to the original department fund number.

Use Cost Assignment “Z” for Grants & WBS Projects.