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Freight Programs

The Freight Programs Manager controls costs and develops and implements effective and consistent management guidelines and policies for freight throughout the UAMS system. The Freight Programs Manager:

  1. Works with outside freight management firms to ensure that the best service levels and costs are being achieved.
  2. Minimizes the amount of unmanaged freight throughout the system.
  3. Trains UAMS staff in basic shipping processes to impart awareness of the impact that differing modes of shipment (examples: Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, etc.) have on UAMS freight costs.
  4. Ensures that UAMS cost per package targets are maintained.
  5. Tracks the number of shipments, analyzes shipping modes, works with UAMS facilities on mode optimization, and determines the appropriate mode of shipment needed for the priority of the customer activity.
  6. Monitors and controls FedEx and UPS account holders to ensure that proper policies and procedures are used by each account holder.
  7. Ensures that shipments funded by Grants are managed to the satisfaction of the customers.
  8. Ensures that shippers are billing UAMS correctly and that costs are allocated properly.
  9. Examines the Freight Exception Report and make sure that unresolved freight invoices are properly matched to the originating POs.
  10. Produces reports for Materials Management directors on the current status of the freight system at UAMS.
  11. Develops key performance indicators (KPIs) and improvements based upon best practices in freight management.
  12. Reduces costs of all methods of freight throughout the UAMS.
  13. Ensures that all instances of policy violations by UAMS facilities or vendors are investigated and reported to the Vice Chancellor for Supply Chain Operations.

Photo of Ann Williams - Click to send E-mail
Ann Williams
Freight Programs Manager