On Demand Forms Instructions



To access the On Demand function on the intranet, go to http://intranet.uams.edu/OnDemandForms/OnDemandFormRequest.aspx

Select the form required by clicking the drop-down arrow after Choose a Form.  You may screen forms by keyword by first specifying a printer, entering a search term in the Filter Forms box, then clicking Apply Filter.  NOTE: The printer must be specified before clicking Apply Filter.  You may also select a recently used form by clicking on the form under Form Name.  The document name will appear in the Document To Print box.



To create a shortcut, right click on the FORM REQUEST page, select Create Shortcut, and an icon will be placed on your desktop.

Enter your network printer queue name (NUR_23, ACC_12, etc.) without the print server name, select the number of copies, then click on the Print button.  As an example, prn_84 is correct; \print1\prn_84 is not correct.  On Demand will not print to local printers directly attached to a computer.


The Optio module assumes that the printer is on \\print1 .  If the printer is on a server other than \\print1, call or e-mail (Mary)Terri Kelly (296-1366) or Anthony Mitchell (296-1367) to get it set up.