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Student Wellness Program

The UAMS Student Wellness Program (SWP) is a preventative service created to provide short term, confidential assistance for students who are actively enrolled at UAMS (Little Rock Campus). The purpose of this service is to provide the necessary tools for students to achieve their fullest potential.

Students seek help for depression, anxiety, grief, relationship conflicts, academic difficulties and numerous other issues interfering with their maximal functioning. Seeking care through the service is absolutely confidential. The only exceptions to the strict code of confidentially (as required by law) include homicidality (planning to kill someone else, or being so severely impaired that patients in your care are in jeopardy), suicidality (planning to kill self) and child abuse. Record keeping is also strictly confidential within the student mental health clinic (not entered into the campus wide UAMS electronic medical record).

For short term treatment, there is no financial cost to students seeking care. The service is made possible through the support of the UAMS Chancellor, the Deans of the Colleges at UAMS and a portion of the student health fee. When utilization reports are generated, the number of students utilizing the service and the types of problems students seek help for may be reported. Specific identifying information about students is NOT released. Note: Should a student's treatment require medication, the cost of filling a prescription is up to the student. Unfortunately sample medications are not readily available any longer.

Due to the high volume of utilization, students are asked to keep an appointment once it is made or cancel as far as possible in advance to allow other students needing services timely access.

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The Student Wellness Program

UAMS Student Wellness Program
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