Center For Skull Base Surgery
The Skull Base

The skull base is the borderline region separating the base of the brain and the extracranial structure.

The skull base may be affected by a wide range of diseases or disorders (vascular, neoplastic, congenital, traumatic or infectious), including tumors and complex aneurysms.  Tumors may be benign or malignant and may originate from inside or outside the skull.  These tumors include:

  • meningiomas

  • acoustic neuromas

  • glomus jugulare tumors

  • craniopharyngiomas

  • pituitary tumors

  • tumors of the petrous apex

  • tumors of the clivus

  • carcinomas of the nasal pharynx with skull base extension

  • bony and cartilaginous tumors of the skull base (e.g., chordomas, chondrosarcomas)

  • tumors of the temporal bone

  • tumors involving the nasal and paranasal sinuses

  • tumors of the orbit and the optic nerve

  • angiofibromas

  • neurofibromas

  • Traditionally, neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists operated only as far as the skull base because of the complexity of the anatomy and the risk to delicate and vital structures.

    With the advent of new and refined surgical approaches, and advances in diagnostic and monitoring techniques, safe surgical treatment of complex lesions located deep in the skull base is now being performed.