Center For Skull Base Surgery
The Patient's Care

The attending physician and other consultants involved in the treatment program evaluate the patient, who receives comprehensive information about the diagnosis and management options, the course of events, the length of hospital stay, and the expected recuperation time.

The physician also explains the risks and possible complications that may occur.  Referring physicians are kept abreast of their patients' progress throughout the course of treatment.  Another priority is keeping patients' family members informed and involved, according to each patient's wishes.

The patient's care and personal comfort are our primary concerns.  A member of the Skull Base Team, the Clinical Nurse Coordinator works closely with patients and families from the early preclinic visit through the hospital stay and on to the postoperative follow-up.  The Clinical Nurse Coordinator assists the family with insurance precertification, coordinates aspects of preoperative diagnostic testing, schedules consultations and surgery dates, arranges for blood donations, assimilates medical records, oversees the patient's hospital admission, provides patient education , and arranges for the patient's discharge planning needs.

The Administrative Coordinator schedules the patient's intial visit; gathers pertinent documents, such as medical records; and provides guidance for the many patients who come from out of state and abroad.