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The pdf below includes all of the currently available psychiatry electives at UAMS. UAMS only offers electives to senior medical students, so you will need to have completed all of the standard junior clerkships before taking an elective here. If you are a student in another medical school who is interested in visiting UAMS for an elective rotation in psychiatry, you must apply through the College of Medicine. Further information, including requirements for visiting students, contact information for the senior year coordinator, housing information and rotation block schedules, is available at http://www.uams.edu/com/students/visiting_students.asp. We also ask that you notify Marcia Goodrich (GoodrichMarciaL@uams.edu) in the Department of Psychiatry so that we are aware of your plans to visit us and so we can help answer any questions about your options here.

Senior Psychiatry Electives



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