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Working with Teams & Families

A competent psychiatrist is skilled in mobilizing, coordinating, and collaborating with nurses, psychologists, social workers, technicians, other physicians, and patients' families in order to optimize treatment and functional outcome.

Portfolio Entry Requirements:
Select a case from residency training that illustrates your ability to identify and coordinate resources and people in the care of a patient. In your cover letter elaborate on your choice of resources and use of the resources. Additionally, describe how your work with the treatment team and/or family improved the outcome for a patient. Documents to provide may include progress notes, letters of correspondence, written evaluations by other professionals, records of phone calls, family-meeting notes, or other material as needed. A brief summary of the case and the role of the treatment team and/or family in affecting the patient's outcome may be helpful if existing documentation is inadequate.


Working with Teams & Families Scoring Rubric

Important skills and/or knowledge lacking to adequately manage the case; fails to involve critical person/people or agency.

Appropriate approach, but weaknesses could lead to potential problems.

Competent to mobilize, coordinate, and collaborate with others in the care of a patient.

Applies a conventional approach to a more complex case; documentation indicates a plan of how the team will work together.

Well-integrated knowledge and skills facilitate resolution of complex problems. Documents ongoing meetings with family and team, and presents a plan for future facilitation of team functioning.

Wide breadth of knowledge and a sophisticated, well integrated approach utilizing varied sources to resolve a very complex case; develops a highly functioning team that works over a period of time.



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