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Treatment Course

A competent psychiatrist has the ability to manage patients for extended periods of time, and skillfully documents the course of treatment.

Portfolio Entry Requirements:
Select a challenging case you managed during residency training that demonstrates your ability to maintain appropriate patient care over an extended period of time. The case must involve shifts in diagnosis, treatment plan, pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, or other treatment modalities. Provide a cover letter describing the case and explaining why you chose it. Discuss how the supporting documents illustrate your ability to manage the long term care of a patient. Include the initial psychiatric assessment and treatment plan, progress notes, and evidence of adjustments in patient care. Also include multidisciplinary assessments which influenced treatment decisions, laboratory and radiology reports, pertinent literature reviewed, medication records, as well as updated treatment plans/treatment plan reviews. If you submit literature supporting your diagnostic or treatment approach, please limit this to material specifically relevant to the case; do not copy entire journals, textbooks, or manuals for this portfolio entry.


Treatment Course Scoring Rubric

Important skills and/or knowledge lacking to adequately manage the case; lacks skillful approach; important issues not addressed, which could compromise patient care.

Appropriate approach, but weaknesses would likely lead to potential problems; issues that may have been important were left unexplored.

Competent to successfully manage standard cases following a conventional approach; makes appropriate adjustments in treatment.

Applies conventional approach to a more complex case.

Well-integrated knowledge and skills facilitate resolution of complex problems; provides rationale and process to explain deviation from conventional approach.

Wide breadth of knowledge and a sophisticated, well-integrated approach utilizing varied sources to resolve a very complex case.

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