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Teaching & Presentation Skills

A competent psychiatrist effectively imparts knowledge and skills to others—including students, physicians, other medical professionals, or lay people of all backgrounds—in one-on-one, small, or large group settings.

Portfolio Entry Requirements:
Select a situation from residency training that provides evidence of your skill for teaching and presenting information. In your cover letter, describe the context of the teaching situation or presentation, such as the number of learners and characteristics of the audience, and a description of how you prepared for it. Provide supporting documents such as handouts, literature reviews, copies of slides or notes, or other material relevant to the presentation. If available, provide a summary of didactic evaluation forms (scores and comments) completed by the audience. If the presentation occurred at a professional meeting or in a setting outside of the routine teaching settings of residency, provide relevant material and discuss that in the cover letter.


Teaching and Presentation Skills Scoring Rubric

Important skills and/or knowledge lacking for a coherent, meaningful presentation; content of the presentation does not match with stated objectives, goals, or purpose.

Appropriate approach, but weaknesses in style or content point to overall ineffective teaching or presentation skills; content of the presentation weakly matches with stated objectives, goals, or purpose.

Competent to teach or present coherent and meaningful material to the average learner in an average learning environment; applies basic teaching methods.

Applies conventional teaching or presentation skills to complex material; shows evidence of ability to successfully manage difficult learning environments and to adjust presentations or material to learners of varying backgrounds and abilities; shows insight into why a particular presentation was effective or successful.

Well-integrated knowledge and skills facilitate effective teaching or presentation for all learners in all environments.

Wide breadth of knowledge and skills and a sophisticated, well-integrated approach; presentation is coherent, engaging, and successfully imparts knowledge regardless of learner type or learning environment.


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