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Self-Directed Learning

A competent psychiatrist incorporates self-directed learning into clinical practice. Self-directed learning promotes continuing education and fosters the clinical application of newly acquired knowledge gleaned from any source.

Portfolio Entry Requirements:
Select a case from residency training in which you incorporated self-directed learning. If you did not have the opportunity to incorporate this newly acquired information into the management of the case, describe how it may affect your future practice. In your cover letter, describe the case, the educational resources you used and why, and if possible the impact of your application of new information on the clinical outcome. Provide documentation such as clinical notes, orders, notes by other staff before and after your intervention, abstracts from literature searches, textbook or journal material, notes from lectures, grand rounds, or professional meetings, documentation from personal communication with experts in the field, or other relevant information (if you are submitting material from textbooks, manuals, etc, please submit only relevant parts of this documentation. Do not copy entire chapters or manuals for this entry).

Self-Directed Learning Scoring Rubric

Important skills and/or knowledge lacking to adequately manage the case; resources reviewed are irrelevant to the case.

Appropriate approach, but weaknesses could lead to problems; sources of information are relevant to the case but clinical application is weak.

Competent to successfully and independently pursue answers to basic medical questions using self directed learning.

Applies a conventional approach to a more complex case; pursues clarification when there is weak or no evidence for clinical application

Well-integrated knowledge and skillful research facilitates resolution of a complex case beyond a conventional approach; develops conclusions and plans from various sources.

Wide breadth of knowledge and skills and a sophisticated, well integrated approach to a very complex case; utilizes varied sources; considers alternatives in plans; considers strengths and weaknesses of the literature.


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