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Professional Communication

A competent psychiatrist effectively and professionally communicates with other professionals.

Portfolio Entry Requirements:
Select a case from residency training that best demonstrates your skill in sharing information with other professionals in managing patients. Provide a cover letter describing the case and the role that professional communication played in the outcome. Professional communication may involve correspondence with medical professionals in other specialties or within psychiatry. It may include written or faxed letters, e-mails, or telephone conversations. Please provide relevant documents with your entry; communications described in the cover letter but not supported by the clinical documentation will not be sufficient for this portfolio entry.


Professional Communication Scoring Rubric

Important skills and/or knowledge lacking to adequately communicate. Communication lacks clarity, fails to address important aspects of the case, and/or provides inadequate or poor recommendations.

Appropriate approach to communication, but lack of clarity and specificity could lead to potential problems.

Competent to successfully communicate within standard cases; follows a conventional approach.

Applies a conventional approach to a more complex case.

Well-integrated knowledge and skills facilitate resolution of complex problems.

Wide breadth of knowledge and skills and a sophisticated, well integrated approach; utilizes varied sources to manage very complex problems; thorough presentation; acknowledges short-term outcomes.


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