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Bio-Psycho-Social Formulation


A competent psychiatrist skillfully collects and synthesizes information involving the biological, psychological, and social aspects of each patient. The careful, thoughtful, and sophisticated integration of each of these areas lays the groundwork for successful formulation of a clear, safe, and reasonable treatment plan.

Portfolio Entry Requirements:
Select a case you managed during residency training that best demonstrates the complex interplay between the biological, psychological and social components of your patient's life. The case may come from any setting, including inpatient or outpatient psychiatric or other medical settings. The case should demonstrate the clinical need to address each of these components in treatment planning. Along with your documentation, furnish a cover letter describing why you think this is an excellent case; if you did not include a formal biopsychosocial formulation in the clinical documentation, you may write one as part of the cover letter. Discuss how the documentation demonstrates your ability to integrate the complex and diverse data to provide the bio-psycho-social formulation.


Bio-Psycho-Social Formulation Scoring Rubric

Important skills and/or knowledge missing to adequately manage the case; lacks even minimal information in the biological, psychological and social components of the case.

Appropriate approach, but weaknesses would likely lead to potential problems; lacks a formulation—includes biological, psychological and social information, but lacks sufficient integration.

Competent formulation for successful management of standard cases; sufficiently integrates the biological, psychological and social components of the case.

Applies conventional approach to a more complex case; formulation clearly integrates the biological, psychological, and social components and lays the groundwork for the treatment plan.

Well-integrated knowledge and skills may facilitate resolution of complex problems; demonstrates a sophisticated integration of the biological, psychological and social components of the case.

Wide breadth of knowledge and skills and a sophisticated, well integrated approach to a very complex case.


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