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Arkansas Prevention Research Center (ARPRC)

About us

The Arkansas Prevention Research Center is one of five Developmental Prevention Research Centers funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the CDC website, "Developmental PRCs are strengthening community relationships and developing infrastructure as the basis for future research". The ARPRC focuses research, engagement, and education activities on the southeastern Arkansas Delta region. This focus includes the 19 counties within the Mid-Delta Community Consortium (MDCC) Arkansas Delta Rural Development Network (ADRDN) with emphasis on overseeing a pilot project in five of those 19 counties.

The ARPRC arises from a state in which significant regional health disparities exist for the entire state and in which health disparities are evident among African Americans. These health disparities are compounded by the degree to which Arkansas is rural. While Arkansas has significant statewide and racial/ethnic health disparities, these burdens also represent a tremendous opportunity to develop research and educational programs to effect change and contribute to the scientific literature on methods to eliminate health disparities. The COPH, with its highly focused Mission is uniquely positioned to contribute to understanding and eliminating disparities and to do so in strong collaboration with the very communities most affected by those disparities.

UAMS Arkansas Prevention Research Center
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