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Method 1: Develop educatin/training/mentoring activities with CBOs and at the grassroots level: With individuals working in CBOs and people at the grass-roots level who may be involved in HHI coalitions or in other grass-roots manners, we propose working during the first 6 months of funding with the ADRDN and other community coalitions to enumerate their training/education/ mentoring needs and priorities during the first 6 months of funding. The ETU will then work with the extensive expertise found within the COPH faculty and staff to develop training workshops to meet these identified needs, beginning to present programs in the second 6 months of Y01. We will, of course, continue the education/training/mentoring programs being conducted with students in degree-seeking programs and public health practitioners.

Method 2: Work with all four target audiences (students, practitioners, CBO personnel, grass-roots community members) to systematically define the competencies needed for each of these four target audiences in CBPR and related public health areas: Our approach will be to begin with the target groups with whom we have conducted the fewest educational/training programs. Members of MDCC's ADRDN and other health coalitions in the targeted 19-county region will be enlisted in identifying CBO and grassroots community members to partner in this endeavor.

Method 3: Provide technical assistance and mentoring to support community collaboration and public health practice: Our approach to supporting technical assistance and mentoring within communities will be to supplement and hopefully enhance what is already occurring with a goal of developing more community expertise for within-community assistance and mentoring. We also will ensure that our community workshops and technical assistance programs include methods that facilitate mentoring and networking; for example, they will include receptions and small-group exercises during which people have an opportunity to interact and identify potential shared interests and mentoring relationships.

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