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Select from one of the following sub-topics by choosing one link from the list below.

CancerIncludes topics related to cancer incidence and deaths. (For example: Lung Cancer Deaths, Breast Cancer Deaths)
DiabetesIncludes topics related cases of diabetes and diabetes deaths. (For example: Diabetes Deaths, Percent of Adults with Diabetes)
General HealthIncludes topics that deal with overall health outcomes and how individuals feel about their health in general. (For example: Life Expectancy of both sexes, Overall mortality)
Heart HealthIncludes topics related to heart related health outcomes (For example: Cardiovascular Disease Deaths, Number of Adults with Coronary Heart Disease)
InjuryIncludes topics related to accidents and fatality due to injury. (For example: Accident Deaths, Homicide Rate, Teen Suicide Rate)
Maternal and Infant HealthIncludes topics related to the health outcomes for infants and mothers. (For example: Low Birth Weight, Birth Rate, Infant Deaths)
ObesityThis includes topics related to weight and obesity. (For example: Number of Adults reporting being Obese, Percentage of Overweight Students)
Other Chronic DiseasesIncludes topics related to long term health conditions. (For example: Number of Adults with Asthma, Percent of Adults with Arthritis).