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Parking Application Status

Parking applications for all on-campus parking may be submitted by anyone.
To check the status of your parking application, select the area from the list below.
Parking 1 Emp
Parking 2 Day
Parking 2 A Level
Parking 3
Lot 1/1A
Lot 2
Lot 3
Lot 4
Lot 5
Lot 6
Lot 7
Lot 7E
Lot 9
Lot 11 Reserved
Lot 16
Lot 17
Lot 18
Lot 20
Lot 21
Lot 23
Bio Ventures
BioMed Reserved
Distribution Center Reserved
OPC Expansion Covered
OPC Expansion Uncovered
OPC Administration Reserved

Parking Lot Maps
Click the link above for an update map of parking locations

Parking Rates and Fees
Click the link above for a list of current rates and fees

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