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Parking Validations

Departments who currently validate by stamp or sticker have been contacted regarding the implementation of eNet. Please assure that someone in your area is working with the parking team in regards to this project. If you confirm that no one in your department is working on this project please contact Daniel Littleton.

The following information has been shared with our current list of validating department contacts.

Parking Operations is very excited about implementing a new electronic validation system and the opportunity to allow departments to control and monitor their parking validations. The current validation system is archaic and very labor intensive, not to mention that the stickers/stamps are hard to control. eNet validation is web-based and parking tickets will be validated electronically.

Once implemented, eNet users will have an icon on their desktop. The validator will click the icon, enter or scan the parking ticket number located on the ticket, select an account, and validate the ticket. In addition, departments will now be able to run reports and monitor charges.

Please review current courtesy accounts to verify funding and contact information. We also ask that you identify those who you wish to process validations in order to assure that the validator receives proper training and access to the system prior to implementation.


eNet training will begin in July 2014. We will send a direct email to all staff that have been identified as validators once training is officially scheduled. All validators will be required to complete the training course prior to receiving access to eNet. eNet training will be provided on line through training tracker.

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