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FAQs Parking Technology Upgrade / New Parking Access System
Patient and Guest FAQs

  1. What are the hours of each parking deck?
    Parking is available 24/7 - regular parking rates apply.

  2. Why do I need to take my parking ticket with me?
    The parking ticket is needed for payment at the pay stations or validation purposes.

  3. Where do I get my ticket validated?
    Clinics validate - Ask about validation at the clinics registration desk; you will need your parking ticket.

  4. What if I am paying cash or credit?
    The pay stations accept cash, credit or debit cards. Insert your parking ticket into the pay station and follow the prompts. Once the payment transaction is complete at the pay station take the same parking ticket that the system now identifies as paid and proceed to your vehicle. At the deck exit insert the paid ticket at the exit verifier and the gate will go up.

  5. Where are the pay stations located?
    Parking 1 Hospital Lobby by the parking deck elevators to be installed winter 2014
    Parking 2 top level of the deck near the Central Building to be installed July 2014
    Parking 3 In the deck elevator lobby areas on Levels 2B near the Cancer Institute and 3A near the bridge to the outpatient clinics to be installed fall 2014

  6. My parking ticket has been validated do I need to stop at the pay station?
    No, if your ticket has been validated you can proceed directly to your vehicle. At the deck exit insert the ticket into the exit veryifier. The system will recognize that the ticket has been validated and the gate will go up.

  7. Are discount passes available for an extended stay?
    Yes, discount passes are available for purchase by patients and their guests. The cost is $10 for 1 week of parking. Passes are available for purchase on any parking deck at the paystation.

  8. I forgot to get my ticket validated, what do I do now?
    At the exit, press the call button and a Parking Ambassador can issue an invoice that you can take back to the clinic on your next visit.

  9. I don't have cash or a credit card to pay the parking fees?
    The parking ambassador can accept a personal check. If that is not an option Parking can issue an invoice and that can be paid at a later date.

  10. How do I get assistance with the parking equipment?
    Parking Ambassadors are zoned in the parking decks and are available to assist with parking transactions. They are dressed in bright green uniforms. You can also push the help button on the equipment for remote assistance.

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