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Parking Operations Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The objective of the Service Level Agreement is to document the partnership between UAMS Parking Operations and our customers. The SLA clearly defines the services provided, the responsibilities of all parties in the delivery of services, and measurable performance standards.

Both Parking Operations and our customers commit to a working relationship founded upon:

  • Desire for the success of UAMS operational units
  • Mutual accountability for continuous improvement
  • Transparency and Open communication
  • Understanding and acknowledgment of independent and shared responsibilities
  • Management of interfaces between PO and Customer Units
  • Commitment to timely issues resolution through a customer contact process


Performance Measures

In the interest of transparency, UAMS Parking Operations has established this page to share our Performance Standards along with the Performance Measures that represent just a few of our primary services. The metrics shown below are used to gauge our current performance, show evidence of progress that has been made, as well as identify areas that still may need improvement. In these challenging financial times, UAMS Parking Operations is working hard to maintain and improve essential services in cost efficient and effective ways.

Parking availability

Parking is a finite resource and it is important to maximize facility utilization to best serve our patients, visitors, and employees. It is an industry best practice to overbook parking areas to maximize facilities utilization. It is our goal to maximize facilities utilization while keeping overfills to a minimum. Facility inventory reports are maintained to monitor occupancy rates and sustain optimal subscriber levels. Average Parking Occupancy is frequently monitored and adjustments to overbooking rates are made accordingly.

This graph represents Average Parking Occupancy. Our current goal of Average Parking Occupancy is 85%. Historical experience has shown that this average maximizes the utilization of spaces with minimal overfills here at UAMS.

Provide clean and well maintained facilities

Parking operations manages a comprehensive cleaning and facilities maintenance program. Cleaning and maintenance standards have been developed and the UAMS parking facilities are consistently monitored through random zone inspections.

Our current goal of routine cleaning inspection scores is 80%. The goal takes into consideration time of cleaning service and inspection along with the resources required to reach 100%.

Through effective routine maintenance and capital improvements, we can maximize the useful life or our facilities. A deferred maintenance list has been created and prioritized based on safety, critical need, and cost. Deferred maintenance items are being addressed as funds become available.

Shuttle Service

UAMS provides a shuttle service for the convenience of our employees, students, and visitors. Our shuttle service is outsourced with UAMS retaining control over major policies. We work with the professional operator in managing the shuttle routes, shuttle times, evaluating optimal efficiency and customer convenience.

This graph provides the average number of riders per day grouped by month.

Our current average route time goal is 15 minutes per route. At times the Shuttle may complete its route in a shorter or longer amount of time, but an average of 15 minutes can be expected. The graph also indicates the number of times the route time exceeds 20 minutes as well as the average number of routes completed each month.

Fair and Efficient Parking Assignments

Fair and efficient parking assignments are made in a collaborative effort with the Parking Assignment Committee. For the current assignment priority policy please see UAMS Administrative Guide 11.3.02.

This graph reflects the number of people who are currently parking at War Memorial Stadium that have applied for parking.

Safe and Welcoming Parking Facilities

Through collaborative efforts with the UAMS Police Department, Parking Operations takes an active role to assure parking facility security.  Lighting and emergency phone inspections are performed regularly, UAMS Parking and Police complete more than 2,000 patrols of parking facilities monthly.


You can also play an active role by being security conscious and taking basic precautions. Please keep vehicles locked and valuables out of sight. Always be aware of your surroundings and notify the Police Department of any suspicious activity 686-7777.

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