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Alternative Transportation and Parking Services

Alternative, Green, and Sustainable are all popular words used to describe transportation that makes a positive contribution to the environment both socially and economically. UAMS Parking Operations is committed in offering various alternative transportation options specific to the UAMS environment.  We’re working towards a mix that offers opportunities to save on fuel expense and parking fees while ultimately creating a more sustainable campus. 

Transportation has become a significant issue on the UAMS Campus as well as other campuses around the country. UAMS Parking Operations would like to challenge UAMS employees to consider other less traditional options.  Currently incentives are being offered to UAMS Easy Rider Registered Carpools.

Parking Operations will continue to research other forms of Alternative Transportation and updates will be posted to the website.

Did you know?

  • The average household uses 1,143 gallons of gas per year
  • It is expected that the number of cars and trucks on already crowded highways will double in the next 30 years
  • The Average American spends 434 hours – 18 days – in his/her car each year
  • Driving your car 20,800 miles a year emits 23,600 lbs of CO2
  • Every car annually emits its own weight in carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Cut 25 miles a week from your driving and save 1,500 lbs of CO2
  • The US could save 33 million gallons of gas – each day – if the average commuting vehicle carried one additional person

    • The average passenger car emits, in one year, the following:

    • 80 pounds of hydrocarbons
    • 606 pounds of carbon monoxide
    • 41 pounds of nitrogen oxides
    • 10 thousand pounds of carbon dioxide
    • Consumes 550 gallons of gas

      The average SUV emits, in one year, the following:

    • 114 pounds of hydrocarbons
    • 894 pounds of carbon monoxide
    • 59 pounds of nitrogen oxides
    • 16.8 thousand pounds of carbon dioxide
    • Consumes 915 gallons of gas
GreenRide is a free online matching service that promotes the use of alternative transportation within the UAMS community. It’s fast, friendly, and offers anonymity until you decide to set up the actual carpool arrangements.

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Project GreenRide
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Bicycling Options
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