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CRS Proficiency Exam

When you have completed the required course of study, you may take the CRS Proficiency Exam. You can access the online exam here:

CRS Proficiency Exam Online

The CRS Proficiency Exam requires Flash Player 8.0 or higher.

If you are attempting to access this presentation from outside the UAMS domain (e.g. Freeway Medical, ACH, AHEC, Helena, MCPG), you must use Citrix VPN to gain access to the network. If you would like information on this access, please call the IT Technical Support Center at 686-8555 or email Tech Support Center TechSupportCenter@uams.edu).

The exam consists of 20 randomly generated questions and covers any and all topics discussed as part of the program requirements. A grade of 90% is required to pass the test. You can only take the exam twice in the same browser. If you do not pass within those two attempts, you must exit your browser and reopen the exam. If the exam is taken in the same browser window after two attempts, credit will not be given for the exam. 1 contact hour credit is given for completing the test.

When a candidate receives a passing grade on the CRS Proficiency Exam, an unofficial notification of certification will be sent via email. The research specialist will then be presented with a formal certificate at the annual CRS Awards Ceremony. 


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