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About the ORC

The Office of Research Compliance, or ORC, is the independent office that oversees UAMS’ Research Compliance program. We report directly to Bob Bishop, the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Compliance.

The office performs several functions:


The ORC Research Education Program (REP) provides varied educational opportunities that promote community-wide understanding of, and respect for, the principles of research integrity and human subject protection.

We offer scheduled research seminars and custom group classes for all study personnel. And, by participating in the REP, you could gain Certified Research Specialist (CRS) status. Check out the Class Schedule for details.

We also coordinate the mandatory Human Subject Protection (HSP) training, also known as CITI training, for UAMS and its affiliates. Learn more at HSP Training (CITI).

Consultation and Review

UAMS Research Compliance staffers provide compliance consultations and reviews for UAMS human subject research activities.

Learn more about our Compliance Reviews and NICE Reviews.


University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
4301 W. Markham St., Little Rock, AR 72205

To Make an Appointment Call the Appointments Center at: 1-501-686-8000 or 1-800-942-8267
For Patient Information/Rooms, Call 1-501-686-6416
For General Information and for Numbers Not Listed, Call 1-501-686-7000
For International Patient Appointments, Call 1-501-686-8071

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