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2007 Site Visit    
2006-2007 HLC/NCA Accreditation UAMS Self-Study    
1996-1997 NCA Accreditation Self-Study of UAMS

Project Milestones

Task Resource Start Finish
Accreditation Overview with NCA Representative (John Taylor) VCAA, Accreditation Staff   01/28/05
Project Budget Approved VCAA 04/01/05 04/30/05
Steering Committee Established VCAA 07/01/05 07/27/05
Project Coordinator Begins Accreditation Staff   08/01/05
Management and Operating Structure Approved Steering Committee 07/01/05 08/03/05
Criterion Comittees Established, Members Recruited Steering Committee 07/01/05 08/31/05
Self-Study Goals Determined Steering Committee 08/01/05 09/15/05
Staff Post Accreditation Web Site: www/uams.edu/nca Accreditation Staff 08/05/05 09/09/05
Kickoff Meeting with Criterion Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs VCAA 09/16/05 09/16/05
First Criterion Committees Held Criterion Committees 09/19/05 11/10/05
Criterion Committees Prepare a Preliminary Study Plan & Submit to the Steering Committee Criterion Committees 10/10/05 12/08/05
Steering Committee Meeting Steering Committee 12/09/05 12/09/05
Steering Committee Responds to Criterion Committees Regarding Study Plans Steering Committee 12/09/05 12/19/05
Task Resource Start Finish
Criterion Committees Establish Bi-Weekly Meeting Schedule Criterion Committees 01/02/06 01/06/06
Chairs Coordinating Meeting Committee Chairs & Accreditation Staff 01/05/06 01/05/06
Meet, Gather Information, Conduct Interviews, Consult with Working Groups, & Other Resources, Analyze Data Criterion Committees 01/02/06 11/03/06
Collect & Prepare Materials for Site Vistors' Resource Room Accreditation Staff 01/03/06 03/31/07
Criterion Committees Submit Draft Reports to Steering Committee Criterion Committees 11/06/06 11/06/06
Steering Committee Provides Input and Feedback on Draft Reports Steering Committee 11/07/06 11/21/06
Criterion Committees review Steering Committee Input and Feedback and prepare final reports Criterion Committees 11/22/06 12/15/06
Criterion Committees submit final report to Steering Committee (and for campus review). Chancellor Review Criterion Committees 12/15/06 12/15/06
Slate of Site Visitors Set (thru NCA & UAMS Negotiations) NCA/UAMS 08/01/06 12/15/06
Head of Site Visit Team Sets Date to Submit Self-Study NCA 12/15/06 12/15/06
Task Resource Start Finish
Steering Committee Incorporates Feedback; Completes Final Review of Self-Study Steering Committee 12/15/06 01/12/07
Chancellor Incorporates Feedback, Posted for Campus Wide Review Accreditation Staff 01/30/07 02/15/07
Final Editing and Production of Self-Study & Related Materials Accreditation Staff 01/13/07 02/15/07
Self-Study Submitted (estimated date) Steering Committee 02/15/07 02/15/07
Site Visit Planning Between UAMS and NCA NCA & UAMS 02/23/07 03/30/07
Site Visit ALL 04/02/07 04/04/07


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