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2006-2007 HLC/NCA Accreditation UAMS Self-Study    
1996-1997 NCA Accreditation Self-Study of UAMS


The UAMS Accreditation Self-study

To view the UAMS Self-study to the Higher Learning Commission,


(Note: This is a read-only version of the document).

To comment on the draft report, please contact the accreditation project director, Elizabeth Bard (501-296-1275) or the Study

Coordinator, Larry D. Milne, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and

Research Administration at 501-686-5672.

To comment directly to the Higher Learning Commission, email John Taylor,

Director, Program to Evaluate and Advance Quality.

Comments received before submission of the report to the Higher Learning

Commission will be considered when preparing the final version. Then, the

final version of the self-study will be posted here and the project team will

continue to receive comments from the campus until the site visit, scheduled

for April 2-4, 2007. Comments will be compiled and provided to the site visit

team as an addendum to the report.




UAMS Mission Survey (COMPLETED) - This online survey was available to all UAMS faculty, students, and employees March 7 through 21st. The questionnaire contained 15 questions about UAMS' mission and mission-related documents and was completely anonymous. For questions regarding this survey, contact Claudia Barone, Chair, NCA Criterion 1 Mission and Integrity Committee at 686-7997.

   VIEW RESULTS of the Mission Survey.


Student Survey (COMPLETED) - This Survey was available 3/27 through 4/14 to UAMS students in all colleges. The survey asked students to provide feedback on a variety of issues, including facilities and services; the capacity and quality of instruction; assessment policies and practices; and academic standards and professionalism. The questionnaire took 7-8 minutes to complete and was also completely anonymous.  For questions regarding this survey, please contact the accreditation project director Elizabeth Bard.

   VIEW RESULTS of the Student Survey.

Preparing for the Future Survey (COMPLETED) - The target audience of the Preparing for the Future Survey is currently active. It targets all UAMS employees, both faculty and staff, who will be asked their opinions and perceptions regarding campus resources, insfrastructure, planning and communication.

   VIEW RESULTS of the Preparing for the Future Survey.

For questions regarding this survey, contact Mary Ryan, Co-Chair, NCA Criterion 2

"Preparing for the Future" Committee at 686-6730, or Jonathan Wolfe, Co-Chair, at


Faculty Survey (COMPLETED) -This survey was conducted by the Criterion 3 Committee and addressed a broad spectrum of academic and instructional issues, including the quality of instruction and assessment, educational facilities and technologies, academic support and the learning environment. For questions regarding this survey, contact the accreditation project director Elizabeth Bard.

  VIEW RESULTS of the Faculty Survey.


Feedback to the Higher Learning Commission

If you would like to communicate directly with the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association about educational programs and services at UAMS, its accreditation status or the reaccreditation process, please feel free to contact:

     John Taylor, Director

     Program to Evaluate and Advance Quality

     Higher Learning Commission

     30 N. LaSalle Street
     Chicago, IL 60602


     (800) 621-7440


Feedback to UAMS

Your feedback is very important to us and to the accreditation process. We encourage you to contact us directly with your comments and/or concerns regarding any aspect of the accreditation or the self-study process. To communicate your inquiries, concerns and suggestions to UAMS officials, you can submit comments via email to NCA Accreditation, or to the officials listed below. You may also use the form below to submit suggestions and comments of concern about any topic related to the institution's educational programs or the accreditation process.


Larry D. Milne, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/Research Administration

Elizabeth A. Bard
Director of Administration/VCA


For additional information or to make comments about this page,

please contact:  NCA@uams.edu

This site last modified 09/07/2007