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Welcome to the UAMS Web Site                                for HLC/NCA Accreditation

UAMS was accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) in September, 2007 for a ten year period ending in 2017. The accreditation process required the preparation of an institutional self-study. The self-study process was carried out by five Criterion Committees with guidance from a campus Steering Committe, over a period of 20 months. A site visit team appointed by NCA/HLC visited the campus from April 2-4, 2007 to conduct interviews and examine evidence to support the University's self-study document.

In preparing for institutional accreditation, UAMS was presented with the opportunity to conduct self-examination to assure high quality education. This web-site provides information about that process, evidence resulting from the accreditation (e.g., survey data), and the self-study document itself, which offers a comprehensive overview of the history, progress and needs of the institution.


Download the UAMS Self-study


Introduction to the NCA


NCA Mission Statement:

"Serving the Common Good by Assuring and

Advancing the Quality of Higher Learning"


The North Central Association (NCA) is one of six regional accrediting agencies made up of member organizations from nineteen states. Two independent commissions are also members of NCA, one of which is the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), in Illinois . The HLC is the entity that holds the legal authority to conduct accrediting activities for institutions of higher learning in the north central region, including UAMS.


While the process takes place in higher learning institutions, the accreditation involves review of the whole institution not just its academic programs. It also assesses governance and administration, financial stability, admissions and study personnel services, resources, student academic achievement, organizational effectiveness, and relationships with outside constituencies.


For more information visit the NCA website at http://www.ncahlc.org



UAMS' History with the NCA


The University of Arkansas was first accredited by the North Central Association in 1924 and has been continuously accredited since that time. In 1975 the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences was designated as a distinct campus and continued its accreditation through the University of Arkansas . In 1986, UAMS presented a self-study and was visited by an NCA evaluation team after which, the Commission on Institutes of Higher Education voted on June 19, 1987 to grant the university full accreditation. UAMS was once again granted accreditation in 1997, and must be accredited again in 2007. UAMS' Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is leading the campus effort in plans and preparations associated with the re-accreditation process.



The Value of NCA/HLC Accreditation to UAMS


Although receiving and maintaining accreditation is a voluntary process, it is also extremely valuable for two important reasons:


1.   UAMS' status is enhanced through NCA accreditation to prospective students and faculty, affiliated institutions, funding agencies, donors, state and local policy-makers, and key constituencies and stakeholders in the community. It is a "seal of approval" that guarantees the public that UAMS is a financially stable institution where both programs and personnel meet exacting standards, capable of delivering quality instruction to its students and outstanding service to the community.


2.   The campus will benefit from the accreditation process itself, which entails a great deal

of self-examination, internal assessment and quality improvement initiatives. Through this process, institutions typically discover - or come to better understand - problem areas, issues and concerns aside from those most in question because of accreditation. Inevitably, the accreditation imperative provides the impetus for improvement and correction throughout the institution at a pace that would not occur otherwise.



Steering Committee


Under the direction of Dr. Larry Milne, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, an NCA Accreditation Steering Committee has been established to oversee the university's application for continued accreditation. Click here to learn more about the Steering Committee and to see a list of members.



Criterion Committees


Feedback and Concerns


Your feedback is very important to us and to the accreditation process. Please feel free to give us your comments and/or concerns regarding any aspect of the accreditation or the self-study process, to ask questions, or offer useful suggestions.



Larry D. Milne, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
501-686-5672 / milnelarryd@exchange.uams.edu

Elizabeth A. Bard
Director of Administration and Institutional Reporting
501-296-1275 / ebard@uams.edu



For further information or to make comments about this page,

please contact:  ebard@uams.edu.

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