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2006-2007 NCA Accreditation Self-Study of UAMS
1996-1997 NCA Accreditation Self-Study of UAMS



  • Operationalize goals set by the Steering Committee into workable objectives for preparing a self-study that meets Commission criteria.
  • Relate objectives to the accreditation criteria and core components for which the criterion committee is responsible
  • Develop a work plan that includes specifics of how the committee will operate e.g., role of the chairman(men), vice/co-chairman, meeting schedule, member responsibilities and assignments, and report preparation

  • Identify the appropriate evidence to be used to evaluate whether -- and how -- UAMS meets each core component

  • Identify sources for data/information/evidence

  • Where insufficient evidence exists, determine if it is possible to develop new and/or unique data collection schemes

  • Where insufficient policies, procedures, or institutional documentation exist, prepare   recommendations to the Steering Committee to address deficiencies

  • Prepare draft report of criterion section

  • Review suggested changes and moderate feedback from campus

  • Prepare final report

  • Be prepared to participate in an interview with the accreditation site visit team

Criterion 1: Mission and Integrity

Criterion 2: Preparing for the Future

Criterion 3: Student Learning and Effective Teaching

Criterion 4: Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge

Criterion 5: Engagement and Service 


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