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Genes affecting metabolism and longevity in C.elegans


Robert J. Shmookler Reis, DPhil

Departments of Geriatrics, Medicine, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, and Pharmacology/Toxicology

B.A., Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

D.Phil., University of Sussex, Brighton, England, U.K.

Postdoctoral Training: University of California at San Diego; Mammalian Genome Unit, Edinburgh UK; McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Research interests:


Molecular genetics of aging, cancer and osteoporosis

Elevated recombination predisposes cells to cancer initiation and progression. We were the first to note markedly increased levels of homologous recombination, and of expression for Rad51 recombinase, in all cancer cells and other immortal cell lines relative to normal diploid cells.  Homologous recombination is elevated in cells transformed by several oncogenes, and in normal cells exposed to known carcinogens (concordance = 1.0).  Cancer cells, either cultured in vitro or primary cells from patients, show markedly elevated recombination, expression of recombination-complex genes, loss of heterozygosity, and acquisition of drug resistance, relative to normal control cells – and all appear to be mediated by homologous recombination. We are working to develop these findings into new diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic approaches.

Genes governing bone density in mice and humans. Genetic loci causing natural variation in bone density were mapped using mouse interstrain crosses. By scanning the genome for linkage to genetic variation in bone density, 5  chromosome regions were identified with significant effects on spinal bone density at maturity, and two impact post-maturity change in bone density. Backcrossed lines of mice, retaining a short segment of "donor" strain genome in a "recipient" strain's genetic background, are then tested for affected bone traits.  A human region, corresponding to a mouse "post-maturity change" locus, is significantly and reproducibly associated with spinal (but not hip) BMD in a population of 3500 post-menopausal women.  The association peaks in the pir gene.

Metabolic indices of longevity.  We are working under an NIH program project grant to identify common metabolic profiles, including markers of oxidative damage and antioxidant defenses, that predict future longevity in young adults of four taxa (yeast, nematodes, insects, and mice).  In each model system, we are comparing normal-life-span controls to groups with extended life span due to genetic or dietary alteration.

Genes regulating longevity in the nematode, C. elegans.  We identified a dozen loci with very marked and significant effects on life span, comprising one-third of all such genes with similar effect.  Four loci have been isolated in a contrasting, uniform genetic background, and the donor regions have been narrowed and fine-mapped.  These loci cause natural variation in life span and specific stress resistances, differing among the four regions.  

Selected Publications
Peer-reviewed Publications (selected from >146 total):

1. Shmookler Reis RJ, Buss J, Green MH: Properties of the polyoma virus transcription complex obtained from mouse nuclei. Virology 57: 122-127, 1974.

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Recent Reviews and Chapters in Books/Proceedings (selected from a total of 20):

1. Shmookler Reis RJ and Shammas M: DNA instability, telomeric recombination, and cell transformation. In: The role of DNA damage and repair in cellular aging. (BA Gilchrest and VA Bohr, eds.), Elsevier, Amsterdam; 2001, pp. 135-151.

2. Shmookler Reis RJ: Theories of Aging, in Lipschitz DA, Shmookler Reis RJ, and Sullivan DH: The Biology of Aging. In: Cecil Essentials of Medicine, Fifth Edition (TE Andreoli, Editor-in-Chief), W.B. Saunders, Philadelphia; 2001, pp. 1001-1010.

3. Shmookler Reis, RJ: Toward a unified theory of aging -- What mammals can learn from worms and other ephemeral creatures. In: Oxidative Stress and Aging (RG Cutler and H. Rodriguez, eds.), World Scientific Publishing, Singapore; 2003, pp. 1263–1283.

4. Shmookler Reis RJ. From QTL mapping to genes: The long and winding road. J Bone Min Res18:186-189, 2003.

5. McEwen JE, Zimniak P, Mehta JL and Shmookler Reis, RJ.  Molecular pathology of aging and its implications for senescent coronary atherosclerosis.  Curr Opin Cardiol, 20:399-406 2005.


E-mail:   ReisRobertJS@uams.edu

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Mailing address:  VA Medical Center - Research 151

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