UAMS Human Research Advisory Committee

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HRAC Decisions

Effective Date:

July 31, 2002

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SUBJECT:  HRAC Notification of Meeting Decisions

Upon completion of the review of a research project application, the HRAC office will prepare a notification document, to inform the applicant principal investigator of the outcome of the review. If relevant, other organizations such as the VA R&D committee and ACHRI will also be notified of meeting decisions.  This document will include the following information: (i) the outcome of the review by the HRAC, and the date the decision was reached, (ii) for approved projects, the date of next scheduled continuation review (Expiration Date of the approval), and the reporting requirements for the principal investigator; (iii) for disapproved, suspended or terminated projects, and the reasons for these decisions [38 CFR16.109(d); 38 CFR16.115(a)(4)].