UAMS Human Research Advisory Committee

Policy Number:



Committee Membership

Effective Date:

July 31, 2002

Revision Date:

November 18, 2002

SUBJECT:  Alternate Members  

The HRAC, at its discretion, may recruit alternate members to substitute for certain regular members of the HRAC, whose inputs to the deliberations at HRAC meetings have unique importance.

Appointment.  The procedure for appointment of an alternate member is the same as that of a regular voting HRAC member.  An alternate member must be formally appointed and listed on the membership roster as an alternate, with identification of the primary member(s) for whom they may substitute.  To ensure maintaining an appropriate quorum, the alternate’s qualifications should be comparable to those of the primary member to be replaced.

Voting.  Alternate members will have voting rights, except that they may not vote at meetings attended by their respective regular members.  Alternate members will be included in determining or establishing quorum at HRAC meetings, when the respective regular members are absent, but not when they are present.

Non-Voting.  These alternate members will have access to all documents submitted to the HRAC relevant to the specific project under review, may participate at the deliberations and make recommendations on the project.  When the regular member is present, the alternate may not vote with the HRAC and will not be included in determining or establishing quorum at the meetings.  An alternate can vote only when the regular member is absent.

Review Materials.  When an alternate substitutes for a primary member, the alternate should have received and reviewed the same material the primary member would have received.

Meeting Minutes.  Meeting minutes must document when an alternate member replaces the primary member.