UAMS Human Research Advisory Committee

Policy Number:



Committee Membership

Effective Date:

July 31, 2002

Revision Date:

November 18, 2002

SUBJECT:  Chairpersons

Appointment.  The HRAC has two chairpersons, each of which chairs two committees.  Each chairperson is a respected, active member of the faculty of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, who is concerned about human rights and ethical issues, and is well informed in regulations relevant to the use of human subjects in research. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Sponsored Research at UAMS appoints the chairpersons.  Appointments are for a four-year term, renewable for a second consecutive four-year term.  

Duties.  The chairpersonsí duties include reviewing protocols submitted for exempt or expedited review, assigning studies to HRAC reviewers, determining the HRAC committee agenda, convening and conducting HRAC meetings, summarizing HRAC review recommendations to be sent to investigators, reviewing and signing letters generated from committee actions, reviewing investigator responses to committee requests that are minor, reviewing correspondence from investigators and responding when appropriate, reviewing SAE and safety reports and determining if a study needs to be sent for safety review or full committee review. 

Whenever one of the chairpersons is not available, the vice-chairperson will assume the responsibilities of the chairperson during the period of his/her absence.   

The chairpersons may be relieved of  responsibility for failure to perform duties of chairperson in an appropriate manner as determined by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Sponsored Research at UAMS.

Compensation.  The chairpersons for the HRAC are partially compensated for their duties.

Liability Coverage.  As state employees, HRAC chairpersons are covered through the standard UAMS liability coverage.