UAMS Human Research Advisory Committee

Policy Number:



Appeals and Resubmissions

Effective Date:

July 31, 2002

Revision Date:


SUBJECT:  Appeals and Reconsiderations

The purpose of an appeal is to give the researcher an opportunity to request reconsideration of the HRACs decisions under certain limited circumstances. Grounds for appeal are limited to:

1.       New information not reasonably available during the investigation;

2.       Material failure to follow these policies and procedures; and

3.       Sanction exceeds the severity of the violations.

The Appeals Panel will be comprised of three HRAC members who have not served on any other committee involved in the review process.  The Appeals Panel will review the written statement of appeal by the researcher and make a recommendation at to whether the HRAC should reconsider any aspect of its decisions based on the ground outlined above. In reaching this recommendation, the Appeals Panel may seek a response from the HRAC committee originally assigned to the protocol. The decision whether to forward a request for reconsideration should be made within 10 working days.

Upon reconsideration, the HRAC determines whether to modify or uphold its original decision. This action is final. Consistent with the HRAC's regulatory authority, no other entity within the University may override an HRACs decision which limits, imposes conditions or in any way restricts a researcher's privileges. The reconsideration phase is expected to be completed within 30 working days.