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White Coat Ceremony

Class of 2005 medical students at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences topped off their orientation week by donning brand-new white physician coats and taking an oath of professionalism, service, and scholarship before their families and faculty during the White Coat Ceremony at the Robinson Center Exhibition Hall in Little Rock on August 9, 2001. White coats, which are traditionally worn by physicians, were presented to entering students during a ceremony that was conducted by the sophomore class and directed by Jay H. Menna, PhD, associate dean for medical education.

Greetings were extended by John P. Shock, MD, interim dean of the College of Medicine; UAMS Chancellor I. Dodd Wilson, MD and Joseph Stallings, MD, president of the Arkansas Medical Society.

William Justin Hayes, M-4, co-president of the College of Medicine Honor Council, extended greetings on behalf of the student body.

The keynote address, "Medical Professionalism: Defining Our Values," was delivered by Jeanne K. Heard, MD, PhD, Class of 1984, who is associate dean for graduate medical education and professor of medicine.

Dr. Richard Wheeler M.D., executive associate dean for student and academic affairs, led the incoming freshmen, as well as the other medical students, physicians, and faculty present, in reciting the UAMS Medical Student Oath. First-year students were recognized individually as they signed the oath book and were cloaked in their white coats, symbolizing their entrance into the medical community and acceptance of new moral and professional responsibilities. (See UAMS Code of Professional Conduct for Medical Students.)

This year, the Medical Student Honor Council conferred White Coat Awards to publicly acknowledge classmates who consistently embody the ideals set forth in the medical student oath. The purpose of this award is to recognize and encourage personal integrity and professional leadership in students of the College of Medicine. First-time awardees were:

Jason David Lofton, Class of 2004

Allison A. Moss, Class of 2003

Michael C. Carozza, Class of 2002

Walter Frederick Bierbaum, III, Class of 2001