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The ICM Pin

The ICM Pin

The ICM pin was designed to symbolize the professional development of the medical student. A profession requires its practitioners to:

  1. acquire expert skills and knowledge through scholarly training;
  2. place the client's/patient's interests above one's own; and
  3. demonstrate ethical behavior and self-discipline.

The letters of ICM were used to portray these essential elements:

  • Integrity = regard for truth, fairness, and accountability
  • Compassion = respect for the patient's interests
  • Mastery = skills and knowledge

These words overlay the symbol of Asclepius, an early Greek physician who, through myth and legend, became revered as the God of healing.

The symbol of Asclepius, a serpent wrapped around a staff, portrays "healing".

The background is red, a strong emotionally charged color that is associated with love, respect, joy, passion, health, and energy.