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All About OSCEs

The OSCE is used in all four years of medical training at UAMS. Medical students take a series of clinical skills assessments during the Introduction to Clinical Medicine I and II courses and the College of Medicine requires students to pass the final OSCE at the end of the ICM II course in order to advance to the junior year. the clerkship year. Junior students have clerkship OSCEs. Senior students are required to pass the National Board of Medical Examiner's Clinical Practice Examination (CPX) in order to graduate. OSCE requirements are described in detail in the Student Handbook.

Because the OSCE allows faculty to assess a large number of clinical behaviors in a relatively short period of time, it is used for formative evaluation (to improve the teaching process) and summative evaluation of student performance. It also provides valuable feedback to the faculty for the purpose of curriculum revision.

The OSCE is a component of the medical licensing process in Canada, and it is expected to become a requirement for medical licensing in the United States as well.

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What's an OSCE?

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Very much more time must be given to those practical portions of the examinations which afford the only true test of fitness to enter the profession. The day of the theoretical test is over.

Sir William Osler, MD, 1885