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Dr. Jeannette Shorey, Associate Dean of CME and Faculty Affairs, and Glenda J. Cooper, Director of Faculty Affairs, conduct exit interviews with departing faculty – the information obtained is valuable for recruitment and retention purposes.  All information is completely confidential.  Often, we do not receive termination notices until faculty have departed. If you have a faculty member who is leaving and it is public knowledge, please let us know (by email or phone) before they leave town so we can contact them for an interview.  We also collect data in an online survey.  We give the link to them in an email requesting exit information.  The information gathered is collected in the aggregate and shared in an annual report with Dean Fiser and Department Chairs. If a person’s comments clearly identify that person, that information is not inserted into the report.

We hope you can help us in this effort by notifying Glenda Cooper or Mary Hodges when you know a faculty member is leaving and it is OK for us to email them about an exit interview.  It is an appreciative inquiry interview - painless.  Thanks so much.

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