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Outlook 2010 Managing Mailboxes

Each Outlook user at UAMS is allotted space on the Microsoft Exchange Server, where all Outlook mail, contacts, and calendars are stored.  Although many of your messages might be essential documents, they can quickly consume multiple megabytes in disk space; the biggest culprits are e-mail attachments. 

LYNC Conversation History

LYNC Conversation History is a default folder in Outlook 2010 and 2013. All conversations that occur in Lync to include attachments is stored in outlook and counts against your mailbox quota.

 FAQ Disk Quota on Mailbox limits

  • What are the mailbox limits?

  • How do I check the mailbox limits?

  • How do I arrange messages based on size in my Inbox?

  • How do I compare the size range of my message?


Folder Cleanup

Mailbox folders count in your Outlook file space quota. These include your Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, conversation history and any folders you create.

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