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Student's Need to Knows about Outlook 2007


Students will be using the web-based access to your Outlook email, calendar, contacts, folder, and other resources. Through this web interface you will be able to do virtually everything that can be done through direct use of the Outlook client.

To access your Outlook email and other resources you will be required to login to UAMS network.

  As soon as possible test your UAMS domain network login.

Your user name is: LastnameFirstnameMi (up to 20 characters) or your student ID number(7 digit number).  If you have never logged in your password will have been given to you at registration. You will be required to change the password the first time you login.  If you have logged in before, your password will be whatever it was the last time you logged in.  You can check your login by clicking on this URL:  http://webmail.uams.edu/     In the middle of this webpage is a link to Test your UAMS Domain Login Account. 

If you cannot login, please call the IT Tech Support Center at 686-8555 or via email TechSupport@uams.edu .


UAMS E-Mail Access and Usage Policy

The purpose of this policy is to inform UAMS users of the procedure to be followed while accessing and using e-mail. It applies to all e-mail users including, but not limited to, faculty, staff, students, and volunteers  if UAMS information is involved regardless of whether UAMS computer resources are used or not.  (Link to review complete Policy)

Note: Since you will be using the web interface to Outlook you will not have to create an Outlook user profile used by the Outlook client software. 

Information related to web access will, however, be of interest to you.  See http://webmail.uams.edu/  and “How to use web-based e-mail access. on http://www.uams.edu/email/outlook2003/OnlineTraining.asp. Also see “How to view Outlook's Public Folders – Conferences”  on http://www.uams.edu/email/outlook2003/Migration.asp.  It will be important for you to know how to use the Public Folders in Outlook. The documentation on Public Folders (a PDF file) speaks of adding a Public Folder to your Public Folders Favorites and to your Folder Favorites.  This is intended for Outlook client users and is not available in the web-based interface.  There is, however, a direct link in the web-based interface to Public Folders and you can, in fact, add a link to any specific Public Folder (or Calendar) to the Favorites in your browser.  When adding it to your browser favorites you should give it a name that is meaningful.

How to use Outlook 2007 Web Mail!

UAMS Domain Password changes:  The reset link below only works if you are on a campus computer or logged in by RAS/VPN.  Others will need to call the TSC (686-8555) for assistance.

Link to  Reset UAMS Domain Login Password

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For General Information and for Numbers Not Listed, Call 1-501-686-7000

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