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How-tos for Outlook 2007 are very similar! Updates for 2007 are coming.

The following are online demonstrations to get you started using the new Microsoft Exchange system. Follow the onscreen instructions on your PC.

Note: The icons link to downloadable/printable Adobe Acrobat documents. The icons link to TurboDemo files with JavaScript. The icons link to TurboDemo files with Macromedia Flash.

How to map your profile. This is the first step of setting up your computer to use the software.

How to use web-based e-mail access. This This will allow you to send, receive, and manage virtually anything you would in Outlook 2003 from anywhere with an internet connection.

How to setup your preferences in Outlook 2003.
      - How to setup your signature.
      - How to change font size.
      - How to add and change your reading pane.
      - How to add/remove the editing toolbar.
      - How to setup your Out-of-Office Assistant.
      - How to setup your toolbars in Outlook.

How to use Outlook 2003 with your e-mail.
      - How to save attachments.
      - How to use Windows Messenger integration.
      - Adding Public Folders to Favorites/Win Desktop
      - How to turn attachment reading layout off

How to setup and use calendars in Outlook 2003.
      - How to share calendars.
      - How to open a shared calendar.
      - How to setup permissions for calendars.

How to manage contacts and tasks in Outlook 2003.
      - How to add contacts to your Outlook address book.

How to use Windows Messenger.
      - How to setup Windows Messenger
      - How to add contacts. 
      - How to use the Application Sharing feature.
 Allows you to share programs with anyone on your contact list.

      - UAMS Clinical Computer Training Center Microsoft Online Tutorials.

       -How to use Search folders for Large E-mails

       -How to remove invalid entries in your Outlook nickname cache


- Instruction for MS Entourage for Apple computers.



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