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About Public Folders - Conferences:

Q.      Where are conferences in Outlook?

A.   Conferences are located in the Public Folders below the userís mailbox in the folder list.

Q.      How do I add a  Public Folder to my Favorites so I do not have to browse through all the Public Folders every time I need to find a specific public folder.

A.   Right click on the Public Folder your want to add to your Favorites. A dorp down menu will appear. Scroll down to Add to Favorites. Left click on Add to Favorites. Now the folder name will appear in your Favorites List at the top level of Public Folders.

Q.      How do I view the levels under a public folder after I add the folder to my favorite

A.   Add the folder to Favorites again. This time click on the Options button on the window that appears.  An extension of the windows will drop down. Check both boxes & bullet the bottom choice in both area so new folders will later appear.



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