UAMS Secure Message Delivery System

The UAMS Secure Message Delivery System may be used to deliver a secure message

to any email address that is external to the UAMS email system.

This applies to any email address that does not end with

How to send a secure email message from UAMS to an external address:

Open a new email message.

Enter the recipient’s email address.

Click the “Mark Secure” button in your toolbar.
This will add [Secure] to your subject.

If you do not have the "Mark Secure" button in your toolbar, you may enter
"[Secure]" in the subject line.

You may request to have the button installed on your toolbar by calling the
UAMS Technical Support Center at (501) 686-8555.

If you are using a Mac, you must enter the "[Secure]" in the subject line manually.


Enter your subject beside the [Secure] tag in the subject field.

Send your message when you have finished adding your attachments, recipients and message text.



You will receive a notification that your message has been sent.

The message that you sent securely will be attached to this notification.



You will receive a read receipt when the message has been read by the recipient.

How to receive a secure message that was sent from UAMS:

Open the secure message notification message in your email

Read the “Consent for Email Communications” policy.

Open the attachment named “Securedoc.html".

You may need to save the file to your computer before you can open it.


If you have never registered for the “Cisco Registered Envelope Service”, then you will have to register before you can open your message from UAMS.

Click the register button, which will direct you to the registration page below.


The registration is free and will look similar to this:


After you submit the registration message, you will see this message in your browser.

Please follow the instructions in the activation message, which you will receive in your email after you submit the registration page.


You will see a confirmation message after you activate your email address.


Open the "securedoc.html' attachment again and enter your name and password.

You will be able to see your secure message after you logon.

You may create a secure reply or secure forward from this secure message.


If you need assistance with the UAMS Secure Delivery System, please contact the

UAMS Technical Support Center at (501) 686-8555.

You may also visit the Cisco Registered Envelope Service help page by clicking the logo below: