UAMS List Server Information


General Information:

The UAMS ListServer is a service that will help you manage list membership at UAMS.

The list that you wish to use must exist before you send any of these commands to the List Server Administrator!

All commands listed below would be sent to the List Server Administrator by creating a new email message

addressed to with a blank subject and the appropriate command in the body.

A message will be sent back to you with the results of your command.

If you need assistance with any of the information below, please contact the

UAMS Technical Support Center at 501-686-8555.


Frequently Asked Questions


List Owners:

How do I get a new list?

If you need a new list, please contact the UAMS Technical Support Center at 501-686-8555.

How do I manage my list?

You can manage membership on your list by using these commands:

subscribe / unsubscribe list-name email-address This command will subscribe or unsubscribe the person on your list.

Example: "subscribe MyList"

Note: You may use the optional command "Silent" in the command to prevent a confirmation message from being sent to the member when you subscribe / unsubscribe them.  You must be the owner of the list to prevent the confirmation message from being sent.

Example:  "silent subscribe MyList"

How do I get a list of the membership on my list?

members list-name This command will return a list of members on your list. You must be the owner of the list to use this command.

Can my list be restricted so that only the members can send to it?

When a list is created, it is restricted to receive mail only from the members of that list and the list owner.  This restriction can be expanded to include members of other lists, such as other classes.  This will allow other list members to email your list members.

Can someone subscribe to my list without my approval?

No.  Anyone can request to subscribe to your list, but you will receive an email when they request a subscription.  You will then have to approve it by following the instructions in the approval email.

Can I add non-UAMS addresses to my list?

You may add any non-UAMS (external) addresses to your list by using the subscribe command.  The list owner is responsible for the content that is sent to the list, so please be aware of the information being sent to your lists.

Will other people be able to see the membership on my list?

No.  This information is restricted to the list owner only.

How do I prevent junk mail from being sent to my list?

The lists are designed to receive mail only from list members unless the owner allows non-member email to be sent to the list.  This should prevent junk mail from getting to your list.


List Subscribers:

How do I subscribe to a list?

subscribe / unsubscribe list-name This command will allow you to subscribe or unsubscribe on a list.

Example: "subscribe ListName"

The email address that you use to send the "subscribe" command will be the address that is subscribed to the list.  This can be any address (including external non-UAMS addresses).

Your request will be sent to the list owner for approval.

You will receive a confirmation of your request and a welcome message after the list owner approves your request.

Note: A request to unsubscribe from a list will be done instantly and does not require the list owner's approval.

How do I get the name of the list that I need?

If you do not know the exact name of the list that you need, contact the UAMS Technical Support Center at 501-686-8555.

How do I determine who owns a list?

You may contact the UAMS Technical Support Center for this information.