UAMS Junk Mail System Migration FAQ.

The current UAMS Junk Mail System will be replaced on July 8th, 2013. 

This page will be updated as the UAMS community requests information on the upcoming migration.

Q: Will my safe list and block list be moved to the new system or will I have to do it myself?  The safe and block lists for all users will be moved automatically.  It is not necessary to do this yourself.
Q: How do I login to the new system? The new system is currently located here.  You can use your standard UAMS login information on this web site.
Q: What happens to the junk mail that is in my current junk box? The junk mail in the current system will be available until July 16th.  The email in your junk box will begin to expire when it becomes 8 days old, therefore all of your junk mail in the old system will have expired by July 16th, 2009.
Q: What will happen on July 8th when the migration happens? The new system will be located on the current web site:  The old system will move to  There will be an outage of approximately 1 hour while the change is completed.
Q: Will I still receive a junk mail summary each day? The new system will send you a junk mail summary each day at 6am on days that you receive junk mail.
Q: How long does the new system store junk mail? The new system will store junk mail for 8 days, just as the old system does.
Q: Is the new system more effective at stopping junk mail? The new system is far more effective at stopping junk mail.  There has been a group of test users for the last 2 months on the new system.  The test group receives far less junk mail when compared to being on the current system.
Q: How can I receive a junk mail summary at a time other than the 6am default? You may use this page to select a summary time other than 6am.  The available times will be listed on the page.
Q: If I have chosen a junk mail summary time other than 6am in the current system, will my preference be moved to the new system? If your preferred time is available as listed on this page, then your current junk mail summary time will be on the new system.  If your preferred time is not available, then you will receive a summary at 6am.
Q: I am seeing fewer messages in my daily junk summary. Is something wrong with the email system? The new junk mail system has been running alongside the existing system during the transition period. All incoming email reaches the new system first, where it undergoes “reputation” scanning.  Known spammers have low reputation scores, so their messages are dropped immediately.

While these messages are dropped without further processing, a record of the attempt is logged for tracking purposes.

These messages will not be included in your daily junk summary; however, all others are passed to the existing junk mail system for spam analysis and delivery to your mailbox.

Q: Will there be a learning period for the new junk mail system? Every effort has been made to ensure minimal setup time for users following the transition. Global settings, including corporate allowed and blocked lists have been transferred from the old system to the new one. In addition, personal lists have also been transferred to the new system.
Q: If the new system blocks someone based on reputation scores, can I specify certain e-mail addresses in my allowed list? Yes, as long as the company (i.e., is in our corporate list of allowed senders. As with the old junk mail system, if there are companies that UAMS receives a lot of email from, these companies should be on the corporate allowed lists rather than everyone’s personal allowed list.

If you suspect that a message has been improperly blocked by the new system, please contact the IT Help Desk and provide the email address you believe was blocked. It can be tracked to determine why the message was blocked.
Q: If a message is blocked due to poor reputation, but is later added to our corporate allowed list, how can I get the email that was blocked? Any email that was blocked by reputation scanning would require the sender(s) to resend the message(s) after that company has been added to the corporate allowed list.
If you do not see your question listed here, please email the UAMS Technical Support Center or call them at (501) 686-8555.