UAMS Junk Mail System

Configuration Instructions

All UAMS email users are automatically subscribed to the UAMS Junk Mail system. The Junk Mail system is set so that the program scans for spam and sends out a "Junk Box Summary" once a day at 6am.

The Junk Mail Retention and Notification settings below are UAMS global default settings for the Junk Mail system. Individuals can not change these settings.

Default Junk Mail Settings

Junk Mail Retention

8 Days

Junk Mail Notification

1 Per Day at 6AM

Junk Mail Summary

The Junk Mail Summary will be delivered once per day at 6am.

If you would like to receive any of the messages in the summary, click "Release" next to the messages.

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You will receive the message in your mailbox and you will have the option to add the sender to to your safe list so that future messages from that sender will be sent to your mailbox.


Junk Mail System User Control Panel Login

You may see your safe/block list and your junk mailbox at this web site:

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You may use your UAMS login information to access this web site.

You will see all of your junk email, where you can search via the search box.

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If you choose to receive any of the messages listed, you would place a checkbox next to the message and then choose the appropriate action under "Select Action"

You may choose to add the sender of the message to your safe list.Description: \\\d$\web\\email\Instructions\Junkmail\screenshot_06.jpg

You may modify your safe/block list when you click Options > Safelist or Blocklist (upper right corner)

You may enter the email address or the entire company (

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